What Is The Keto Diet?

What Is The Keto Diet?

Keto is short for ketogenic, which is a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet. When you are in “ketosis” which is the purpose of doing the keto diet, your blood sugar and insulin levels lower allowing your body to shift from using carbohydrates as it main source of energy to burning fat to fuel your body.

Keto has been around since the early 1900’s and was developed to help children manage epilepsy. Now, Keto is used as a medical treatment for many illnesses and diseases such as ADHD, PCOS, Diabetes, and many more.

While studies have proven being in a state of ketosis may help manage numerous illnesses and diseases, we should talk about what being in Ketosis means.

The average person’s body is powered by carbohydrates. When a person starts a ketogenic diet, they limit the amount of carbohydrates they consume, this is usually under 20 grams a day. Not only do you restrict the amount of carbs you eat, you also increase the amount of fat you consume. With the increase of fat and decrease of carbs consumed your body is forced to look for another viable energy source.

This is where you enter ketosis, because your body starts to burn fat to produce energy for your body. This happens when the liver brakes down the fatty acids in your blood into Ketones, which are then used as the energy source for your body.

Why would you give up cake and French fries to burn ketones?

Ok, so I just pretty much told you to give up all those delicious carb foods to start burning fat, but I’m sure you need to hear some benefits before you throw away those Oreos.

If you check any social media platform, you are bond to find people talking about how they lost so much weight with the Keto diet.

But, to be honest, you can lose weight with any diet. Shit, you can eat twinkies all day and lose weight, as long as you consume less calories then your body burns.

I have been doing Keto for a while now and have lost over 80 lbs. and it’s not that the keto diet is some magical diet, but it does have its benefits.

The type of food you eat and it’s effect on you has to be my favorite benefit from the Keto diet. The food is high in fat and delicious, plus the added feeling of being full is the best part.

The thing is when I tried other diets, they always ways left me feeling hungry at the end of the night, but with Keto I never feel deprived or hungry when I lay down at night.

The next benefit I enjoy while in ketosis is I am no longer addicted to sugar. My entire life I have been a slave to sugar, as many of us are.

When you enter ketosis it is literally easy as pie to turndown or refuse the processed sugar filled foods you were once addicted to.

I’m not saying that you still want slip up and eat some of these foods, but it will not be at the rate you are consuming them now.

The last big benefit that I want to talk about is the stable level of energy you get.

Have you ever noticed how in class or at work everyone seems to be tired after lunch? This has to do with the insulin spike people get when eating a carb filled meal.

This doesn’t happen with Keto, you keep a steady level of energy throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you are running around like you drank 50 energy drinks, but it’s a nice steady level of energy throughout the day.

There are plenty of other benefits that you can find by taking a look at my other post.

Now that we know what Keto is, what it does, and the benefits, you may be asking your self “how do I get into Ketosis?”

Some people like to make it more complicated then it really is. Stop eating carbs and eat a lot of fat.

This maybe hard for you because you have heard your entire life that fat makes gay, but this is not true!

So if you wanna start a keto diet, the best thing to do is keep it simple, do your research (my blog is a good place to start), and jump right into it.

The Keto God