What is Keto breath & how to get rid of it

What is Keto breath & how to get rid of it

We all have certain fears in life, and I am no different. One of my smaller fears is to be in deep conversation with a person just for them to look me in my eyes and tell me my breath smells like ass. So imagine my horror when my girlfriend leaned over the table at a restaurant and whispered in my ear that my breath smells like a bag of wet pennies. I was in shocked and embarrassment, fully knowing I did my daily ritual of bushing my teeth and mouth wash. This was the first time I was introduced to what is known as Keto breath.

What is Keto breath

When following a Keto based diet, your liver breaks down fatty acids and turns them into ketones. These ketones are then used by your body as energy. Some of these ketones or expelled from your body through your breath and urine. The ketone “acetone” is expelled through your breath and is the reason for Keto breath. Some of you may know of acetone as an ingredient in some nail polish or paint removers. This ketone may leave you embarrassed, but it is also one of the first signs that your body is entering ketosis.

Keto breath symptoms

Thinking back on that awkward moment in the restaurant with my very truthful girlfriend, I remember a few signs that could have saved me the embarrassment of hearing my breath smelled like I had been eating 9 volt batteries as a snack. So, to save you, my faithful readership of breath shaming, here is the number one symptom to look for when starting your Keto journey.

That whole day I had this taste in my mouth and the best way I can describe it, is the taste of well water. If I had knew what this taste meant, then I could have been proactive and saved my girlfriend the feeling that she was talking to Magneto from the X-Men. Get it? Magneto is a superhero who can manipulate metal and I just imagine his breath to smell like a car factory. But, some people report an fruity taste compared to a metal taste when suffering from Keto breath.

How to get rid of Keto breath

The first thing you should know is that Keto breath is only temporary and after a few weeks your body will get used to burning ketones as it’s main source of energy, returning your breath to its normal state. But, if you are like me and can’t handle 2 weeks of battery acid smelling breath then below are a few thing you can do to be proactive against Keto breath.

#1 Drink more water

Remember when I said ketones are expelled through your breath and urine? Well, drinking more water will have you peeing more which may get rid of the extra ketones faster.

#2 Chew on Fresh Mint, Celery, or Lemons

These foods increase saliva production and extra saliva helps clean out bacteria that cause that unwanted smell.

#3 Increase carb intake

Ok, I can hear you cursing me out already, but let me explain why increasing your carb intake may help you with Keto breath. The increase in carbs will decrease the amount of acetone your body produces. I’m not saying start back eating whole cakes, but try increasing carbs by 5 grams.

#4 Decrease the protein

The body metabolizes protein and produces a chemical known as “ammonia”. High levels of this chemical could be another reason why your breath smells like you lick the bottom of hot wheel cars for a living.

#5 Brush your teeth more often

Do I really need to explain why?

Well guys, there you have it! Hopefully I have helped you guys fight against the dragon breath brought on by entering ketosis.

The Keto God