Here is a list of my favorite Keto resources and products. I created this list to help you guys and benefit from the amazing products for a person living a Keto lifestyle. I have tried each of the products on this list and highly recommend them all.

Keto Books

Education is key and knowledge is power. Check out these books to continue learning about the ketogenic diet.

Ketone Test Products

Use these products to test if you are in ketosis. Click here to see how each one of these work.


Who said you cant have a sweet tooth while in ketosis? Use these chocolate products for baking or just to snack on.


You don’t have to knock yourself out of ketosis just for a snack, check out these keto snacks.

Sauces and Condiments

You may have noticed your favorite condiments are packed full of sugar, but never fear, the keto condiment list is here.

Thickening Agent for Soups, Sauces, and Desserts

A must have for keto baking


These are perfect flour substitutes for some good keto baking.

Baking / Cooking Items

These few other items are awesome to have on hand to make your kitchen endeavors easier to manage. I especially love Lily’s chocolate chips!

MCT Oil/Collagen/Protein Powder

Adding MCT Oil and Collagen to your routine is a must. These are our preferred brands.


Get those healthy fats in with these keto friendly oils


Use these sweeteners to replace sugar for baking, cooking, and drinking.

Extracts / zest / juice

Spices / Seasoning

Baking Pans/Fat Bomb Molds/Misc:

Every home cook needs some tools to make their recipes turn out beautiful. These are very popular items.