Quick Keto Snack Ideas

Quick Keto Snack Ideas

If you have been following a keto diet then you know how hard it can be to find quick keto snack Ideas. This list contains a mixture of simple quick keto snack Ideas and snacks you can purchase to keep in your house, purse, or car.

To help you guys out, here are 10 quick keto snacks you can eat in an hurry and stay in ketosis to continue to reach your weight loss goals.

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#1 Olives

Olives are not just a garnish for your martini. One ounce of Olives can have up to 1 gram of Net Carbs and as little as 0 carbs depending on the brand.

Olives can be eaten alone for a quick snack or can be paired with lunch meat and cheese for a nice snack or lunch.

#2 Cheese

Cheese is a staple food in the Keto community. Some can be on the higher side of carbs but as long as you pay attention to the nutritional label, then you can’t go wrong with some string cheese when you need a Keto snack.

#3 Guacamole

To keep it low carb and keto friendly, you need to stay away from the store bought guacamole. 1 tablespoon of homemade guacamole has just half a carb.

Best of all, Guacamole can be paired with so many things to make a snack. You can dip bacon into guacamole,’low carb nuts, or lunch meat. The possibilities are infinite.

#4 Zero Carb Bagels

You don’t have to give up bread just because you are following the keto diet. You can get these zero carb bagels and add any of the toppings we have listed here. You can add guacamole, cheese, or even lunch meat to these bagels.

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#5 Grass Fed Beef Snacks

Chops Grass Fed Beef Sticks are the perfect on the go snack. You can pack these in your back pack or purse and eat them anywhere.

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#6 Cauliflower Crackers

If you miss crackers, then these cauliflower crackers are for you. you can eat them alone, dip them. In guacamole, or even crush them up and add them to your salad like a keto version of croutons.

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#7 Pepperoni Chips

Grab some pepperoni slices, place them on a paper towel, then microwave for 45 seconds. Once they are nice and crisps you pair them with some cheese slices and enjoy.

#8 Ham Pin Wheels

These Ham & Cheese pinwheels are super easy to make, only require 3 ingredients, and make the perfect snack or appetizer.

Grab some ham slices add some cream cheese and cheese slices, roll it up, then slice.

#9 Pork Rinds

Pork Rinds are a must have for anyone following the keto diet. They can be eaten alone or can be used as a low carb coating to fry fish or chicken.

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#10 Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is another one of those keto snacks you should always have in arms reach. I actually have a few packs in my car to prevent me from going off track when I’m out and about.

The thing about beef jerky, is that not all beef jerky is not created equally. Most of the beef jerky you can find in the grocery store has added sugar, which is bad.

The best thing about this beef jerky that I’m recommending here, is that it has zero sugar.

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What Is The Keto Diet?

You my be here on theketogod.com but still be unsure of what exactly is the keto diet, so allow me to explian

In its basic form, the ketogenic diet is a low carb, high fat diet where the person following the diet eats foods low in carbs but high in fat. 

Eating this way allows the body to switch from using sugar as it’s main source of energy to using fat for energy. Yes, I said fat!

With the keto diet you can eat amazing dessert options like the ones below and still lose weight as your body uses its own fat for energy.

Keto Recipes You Will Love 

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