7 Keto Asian Recipes You Have To Try

7 Keto Asian Recipes You Have To Try

Asian cuisine is by far my favorite cuisine of the world, ever! I can go to an Asian buffet every night if it were possible, but Keto limits the amount of Asian food I can eat.

That is why I made this list of 7 Keto approved Asian dishes you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Check out these 7 Keto Asian recipes and enjoy them.

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#1 Keto Sweet & Sour Chicken

Full Recipe @ AGirlWorthSaving

Here is a Keto version of one of the most ordered Asian dishes. This Keto Sweet and sour chicken pairs good with some cauliflower rice.

#2 Keto General TSO’s Chicken

Full Recipe @ Ruled.Me

This delicious sweet, spicy, but savory sticky sauce is covered in Keto breaded chicken makes this dish a must try.

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#3 Cripsy Keto Teriyaki Chicken

Full Recipe @ IHeartUmami

Pair this Keto chicken teriyaki with some cauliflower fried rice and you have your self the perfect Keto Asian dinner.

#4 Keto Sesame Chicken & Broccoli

Full Recipe @ Recommended.Tips

Here is a great Keto Asian dish that is easy to make and only calls for REAL food.

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#5 Keto Egg Roll Poppers

Full Recipe Here Cast Away Kitchen

These are great for an appetizer. Ground pork, Asian spices, and broccoli create these delicious egg roll poppers.

#6 Keto Beef & Broccoli

Full Recipe @ I Heart Umami

This dish is so simple, but packed full of flavor.

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#7 Egg Roll in a Bowl

Full Recipe @ Green & Keto

The same flavor and deliciousness of your favorite asian take out egg roll, without the carbs.

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