Best way’s to test to see if you are in ketosis

Best way’s to test to see if you are in ketosis

So, you have been doing the keto diet for a while now and while you feel the Keto effects, you want to know for sure if you are in ketosis?

Well you are in luck, I’m going to share with you the 3 most common ways to check if your body is officially burning those ketones for energy.

So, let’s get straight to it and read below to see how to test if your are in ketosis.

Before I give you what you are here for, let’s make sure we all understand what actually means to be in ketosis.

When you switch to a keto diet, the main goal is to have your body switch from using glucose (carbs) as a main source of energy to fat. This is achieved by eating a keto based diet, which forces your liver to brake down fatty acids turning them into ketones which then are used as energy for your body.

I wrote an article explaining what a ketone is (read it here), but I’ll give you a quick refresher now. Ketones are what we want when following a keto diet. They are the result of limiting carb intake and increasing fat intake.

There are 3 types of ketones including Acetoacetate. Acetoacetate is the first ketone that your body will produce when entering ketosis.

This ketone is expelled through your urine, which brings me to the first way you can check if you are in ketosis.

Ketone urinalysis strips AKA Keto sticks are the cheapest way to test your ketone levels. You can purchase these from Walmart or Amazon, for a low price.

I’m sure the word “urinalysis” explains how these sticks are used, but I’ll lay out the details for you anyway. You take a strip out, then pee on it, hope that didn’t go over anyone’s head. Wait 15 seconds then look at the results. The darker the color, the more ketones present in your urine.

Now while this is a good and cheap way to test if you are on the right track, it is not accurate.

The problem with the Keto sticks is they are only testing the level of ketones leaving your body and don’t portray what you are actually looking for.

When In ketosis we want to know the level of ketones in our blood, which is where we learn about the second way of checking if you are in ketosis.

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the second form of ketones and is the main energy source when in a ketosis state.

BHB is the preferred energy source for the brain. BHB is released in the blood stream, it is also the ketone being checked when you measure your ketones with a blood ketone meter.

A blood ketone meter works the same way a blood glucose meter works, but instead of checking the level of glucose in your blood, it checks the ketone levels. The most popular blood Keto meter is the Keto Mojo, which is also the one I prefer to use.

These things are more expensive then the Keto sticks, but are the staple in ketone testing.

When testing with a blood ketone meter you are looking for your levels to between 1.5 to 3.0 mmol/l.

If that number makes no sense, it will once you purchase a blood Keto meter and read the directions of use.

The final way to check includes the to use of the third type of ketone, which is Acetone. Acetone is expelled through the breath, which is the cause of what is known as Keto breath.

To check the level of Ketones we have, we would use a breath meter. It works just like the breathalyzer the police use, it instead of checking for the alcohol level

Of a person it checks the Keto levels through your breath, thanks to the ketone Acetone.

I personally use the Keto mojo it’s more expensive then the Keto sticks but it more accurate. And I can personally recommend it, because I use it myself.

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