9 Keto Chaffle Recipes That You Will Love

9 Keto Chaffle Recipes That You Will Love

Chaffles are the latest craze in the Keto community and these 9 Keto Chaffle Recipes will show you why.

A Chaffle is basically a waffle made of cheese and egg. I know it may sound disgusting, but I promise you it is better then sex when your craving something sweet.

Check out these 7 delicious Keto Chaffle recipes and join the craze.

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#1 Cinnamon Apple Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

Here is a Keto Chaffle that taste’s like apples and cinnamon, it is made better with a warm vanilla bean sauce. This Chaffle reminds you of apple pie.

#2 Keto Lemon Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

Here is a deliciously sweet Chaffle dripping in lemon frosting. This is perfect as a snack or a breakfast for the kids.

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#3 Keto Copy Cat Blooming Onion Chaffle Sticks with Dip

Full Recipe Here

This Keto Copy Cat Blooming Onion Chaffle Sticks with Dip is a copy of the famous Steak House blooming onion and even comes

With that smoky sweet dip.

#4 Keto German Chocolate Cake Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

When was the last time you had German Chocolate cake? My mother used to make this and it is one of my greatest memories as a kid. This Chaffle German cake may not be exactly the same, but it is a great dessert to serve.

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#5 Chocolate Chip Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

Here is a Chaffle Recipe you can make for the kids and they will love the low carb chocolate chips.

#6 Chicken Bacon Ranch Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

If you are looking for a savory Chaffle recipe then this is the one for you. This Chaffle is topped with bacon, ranch, and chicken

#7 Chicken Quesidilla Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

If you wanna take a trip south of the boarder without leaving your house, then this is your chance with this Chaffle Recipe.

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#8 Cinnamon Roll Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

This Chaffle Recipe is like an party in your mouth, you well enjoy the cinnamon roll flavored Chaffle. With the perfect blend of cinnamon and sweet, this Chaffle Recipe will leave you forgetting that you are even following a diet.

#9 Blueberry Chaffle

Full Recipe Here

If you like blueberry muffins or pancakes then you will love this blueberry Chaffle Recipe. With delicious hints of blueberry and cinnamon, this blueberry Chaffle is the perfect Keto breakfast or Keto treat.

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