5 rules to follow when starting Keto

5 rules to follow when starting Keto

So, you read my what is Keto post and have decided to give it a shot? Or, maybe a friend or an account you follow on Instagram talked you in to trying Keto. Well whatever the reason is, read below to see my 5 rules to follow when starting the Keto diet.

  1. Give it 30 days

You have been eating the American standard diet for years, so it will take time for your body to switch from using carbs as it’s main source of energy to fat. 30 days is a good time to give your body enough time to switch from carbs to fat as it’s energy source. There is no real amount I can tell you it will take for you to be in ketosis, because each person is different, but 30 days should be more then enough time.

2. Do your research

Please do not attempt to do the keto diet with out fully understanding it. These Youtubers and Instagramers are good at making things look easy and sexy, but sticking to a ketogenic diet is hard to start. Information is key and the more you learn / understand Keto and all the benefits, the easier It will be to stick to it. Family & friends will tell you how unhealthy it is, but if you have done your research, you will know the truth

3. Focus on macros, not calories

When starting a Keto diet you should be focused on consuming enough fat while keeping carbohydrates low. I recommend stepping back from trying to cut calories and lose weight for the first 30 days. Eat when hungry and focus on eating quality food. Your turning the way you eat on it’s head, we don’t need to add in extra stress such as trying to lose weight. Once your body and mind are use to the ketogenic lifestyle, then you can can start back with your weight loss goals.

4. Chase results, not ketones

People, this is not a race or a competition! To many people get stuck on chasing ketones, instead of chasing what really matters. I personally never check me ketone levels (unless its for the blog), because it doesn’t matter to me. I know I am eating high fat and low carb. I don’t need a number on a meter to tell me I am in ketosis, I can feel it, I can see it, I know it. When you get in ketosis, focus on how you feel as the gage to your Keto diet. Focusing on your Keto level can be as addicting as relying on the scale when trying to lose weight and as dangerous. Place your focus on the food you eat, the benefits you are seeing, and how your body feels.

5. Fail, but never quit

Let me tell you a secret, It’s ok to fail on the Keto diet! It’s ok when you have been strict Keto for 2 weeks straight, then you slip up and eat 2 slices of of your co-worker’s birthday cake that they left in the brake room. What is not ok, is using that one slip up as an excuse to go down a road of binge eating which will send you back to your old ways and habits. You will “fail” multiple times on your Keto journey, the key is to pick your self up and keep it moving!

The Keto God