5 Reason You Should Try Keto

5 Reason You Should Try Keto

With so many different diets that can possibly give me the results I want, why on earth would I stick with this crazy keto diet? The best diet is the diet you can stick to and with Keto I enjoy the food I eat on a daily basis, I barely have cravings for sugar, I stay fuller longer, I have a stable energy level throughout the day, and I was able to reduce my chances of diabetes, plus a lot of other health benefits.

If you are still reading and haven’t exited the browser after realizing the diet i‘m talking about is the one where you eat no sugar, then allow me to dive deeper into the reasons I stay on the keto diet.

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#1 Reduced sugar craving

What do drugs, alcohol, gambling, and sugar have in common? Each of these things are highly addictive. That’s right, sugar can be abused and become a drug. I’m not saying eating a slice of cake at your nephews birthday party will lead you to selling your mothers TV to pay for your doughnut habit.

There is a part of the brain called the reward circuit, as you eat sugar, the hormone dopamine is released causing a “high” or state of pleasure. This is the main reason most of us turn to sugar when depressed, sad, lonely, or angry. The problem with this release of dopamine is one that any addict can testify to, the longer you use, the more you chase that high. Over time that one slice of cake no longer gives you the same happy feeling it once did, now you are stuck eating half the cake in the bathroom with your back to the door praying your sister is not looking for the other half of her sons birthday cake.

Ok it might not be that bad, but it will take more sugar to give you the same feeling that piece of cake used to give you.

So why can’t you just reduce the amount of sugar you eat? Asking me to reduce my sugar intake is like asking an alcoholic to only drink on the weekend or a drug addict to only shoot up on Wednesdays, sort of like a drug cheat day.

Reducing sugar intake to one cheat day or a few cheat meals a week never worked for me. Every cheat meal would lead into a depressing 3 day sugar binge with me park at a rest stopped with 2 bags of McDonald’s food spread across the passenger seat.

With Keto I eat no sugar and after a week I had that sugar monkey off my back and was able to control my sweet tooth. My idea of controlling my sugar addiction is being able to say no to my favorite foods and not feeling bad about it. I’m the only Ketoer in my household, which means my kitchen is packed full of snacks for the kids and my wife.

I remember bingeful moments of stuffing my face full of the kids snacks then denying it the next day. With Keto I rarely have sugar cravings and a pack of Oreos can stay safe in my presence.

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#2 The stable Energy

Before I started to take Keto serious, meaning before I stopped cheating every few days, I had always seen people talk about the amount of energy they had while on a keto diet. It took me being in Ketosis for a few weeks to really understand what they mean. I always thought it meant I would never be tired and be able to run a marathon at 9pm at night after working all day, which is not true, at least it’s not true for me.

Have you ever been at work then went to lunch and when you came back from work you were sleepy and lazy? What about after a big family dinner how everybody seems to just pass out in the living room or that stuffed feeling you have after you go to a buffet?

Well, I don’t have those problems with Keto. For example, last week I went to the Asian buffet with my wife and daughter. Usually I would load my plate up with fried rice, fried noodles, and sweet and sour chicken. This time I stuck to veggies, beef, and grilled chicken. I still enjoyed myself and didn’t feel deprived, but after paying and listening to everybody complain about how they were to stuffed to make it to the car, it finally dawned on me what energy other ketoers were talking about. While everybody else was close to passing out I realized nothing had changed in my energy levels from then and the time before I entered the restaurant. This is because my body was not dealing with that huge blood sugar spike and insulin trying to figure out what to do with all this extra sugar in the blood.

This was also when I first noticed what it means to actually be full. What I mean by this is I was able to stop eating 3 plates before everybody else at the table and I wasn’t bothered. After leaving the restaurant I had a feeling of being full but not being stuffed, if that makes sense.

#3 The Food Is Delicious

Before I started writing this post, I had my first meal. This meal consisted of a big juicy steak and 12 crispy buffalo chicken wings. In my opinion, this is heaven on a plate. If I had to choose between a bowl of ice cream and a plate of buffalo wings with a side of ranch dressing, I would asked to have both, but then ultimately pick the wings 100 percent of the time!

The number one rule of starting a diet is you have to enjoy the food you are able to eat. If you are going to become a vegan and don’t enjoy tofu, it might be a little harder to stay a vegan. With Keto, I am able to eat tons of the food I enjoyed even before I started this way of eating.

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#4 Feeling Fuller Longer

The thing is, on a standard American diet, we eat 60% carbs. These carbs are not filled with brown rice and sweet potatoes, it’s the bad carbs. White rice, bread, candy, and processed junk.

The problem with bad carbs is they are digested quickly and leave you hungry a few hours later, which is a reason we consume so much of them, because we are always hungry. With Keto, of course I get hungry, but the time in between meals is much longer.

The macronutrient fat is more filling and digest at a slower rate then carbohydrates, leaving you with a feeling of being full longer.

#5 The health benefits

Now this is number 5 of my list, but it is actually number 1. Ok, I know it’s confusing, but it’s number 5 technically because if I didn’t have those first 4 reason to stick to Keto, then I would not be able to see the health benefits I feel now. If i didn’t enjoy the food, feel full, or was always tired, then I wouldn’t stick to the diet and couldn’t see the health benefits. The first health benefit I see is being able to go from pre diabetic to not. Both my parents are diabetic so I have a 1 in 2 chance of being diabetic. Before Keto I was on the road to being diabetic and I was speeding to get there.

Keto allows me to keep my blood sugar low, which allows me to keep my insulin low, which prevents me from becoming insulin resistant, which prevents type II diabetes. Being able to stick to Keto has helped me lose 80 pounds, which you should already know the list full of illnesses and diseases I have been able to prevent by changing my diet and losing the weight.

Ok kids, those are the 5 reasons why You should try Keto. What are the reason you stick to a Keto diet and if you are thinking of starting Keto, what are the reasons? Let’s get a conversation started, post some comments below.

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